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Chlor-A-Soft Water Softeners in Richmond from Excalibur Water Systems

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The Excalibur Water Systems Chlor-A-Soft water softener is a great water treatment solution for your Richmond home. In addition to its role softening water, the Chlor-A-Soft unit also removes chlorine and volatile organic chemicals from water, leaving you with no chlorine odour or flavour in your tap water. The Chlor-A-Soft unit also acts as an iron filter, removing ferrous iron from water, preventing rust stains on bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures.
In addition to its outstanding performance for residential water treatment, Chlor-A-Soft units are also economical and efficient:
The Chlor-A-Soft doesn't skimp on regular water softener features either:
Contact us if you have questions about residential water treatment, especially with regard to water softeners or iron filters.

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