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Water Treatment Solutions: Water Softeners, Filters for Chemical and Particle removal in Niagara Falls, Ontario from Excalibur Water Systems

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Do you live in the Niagara Falls area and have water problems like hard water, stained appliances, or poor drinking water quality?
Consider solving your water problems with treatment products from Excalibur Water Systems, a Canadian-owned and operated manufacturer of water treatment systems for your Niagara Falls home or business.
Hard water keeps soap from lathering well, deposits scale on faucets and inside other appliances. Damage from scale deposits inside water heaters, humidifiers, washing machines and dishwashers reduces their lifespan and causes failures which at best need costly repairs, or at worst, cause flooding inside your home. A water softener from Excalibur Water Systems eliminates the chemicals that cause scale deposits without compromising your water quality.
A sulphur odor, or stains on your sinks and toilets are often due to excess iron or manganese in your water supply. While not normally a health hazard, excess iron or manganese creates stains are difficult, if not impossible to remove. Have your water tested for iron content, and use either a Chlor-A-Soft water softener (which also removes iron) or a Zentec iron filter from Excalibur Water Systems to eliminate stains and odours and prevent stains from forming.
Poor drinking water quality can come from many sources, and Excalibur manufactures products ( specialty filters, reverse osmosis systems, chlorine removal and filtering equipment ) to deal with the various unwanted additions to your household water.
From Niagara Falls and surrounding areas, please contact us at Excalibur Water Systems with any water softener questions, or any residential or commercial water treatment problems you may be experiencing.

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