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Iron Filters in Windsor from Excalibur Water Systems

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A household iron filter from Excalibur Water Systems does more than remove iron from your water supply in Windsor - it removes dissolved manganese and sulphur as well. The most obvious sign of too much iron in Windsor's water is stains - reddish-brown stains on fixtures (taps, toilets, tubs and dishwashers), water that appears slightly brown, or has a metallic flavour, and laundry problems - dull colours, and dingy whites. Removing the iron dissolved in water using an Excalibur iron filter keeps your laundry bright, eliminates stains on fixtures, and removes any metallic flavours in your water. The effect of manganese is similar, with black or grey staining replacing the brown.
Sulphur, and the hydrogen sulphide associated with it, is responsible for the objectionable "rotten egg smell" sometimes found in well water and some municipal water systems. In addition to the smell, high concentrations of sulphur-based chemicals will corrode plumbing metals (iron, copper, brass) and the exposed metal parts in washing machines and dishwashers. Combining with iron, the sulphur forms ferrous sulphide ("black water") which darkens silverware and discolour copper and brass utensils and servingware.
All of the problems above are eliminated by iron filters by Excalibur which remove iron, manganese, and sulphur from your household water supply. The computer-controlled backwashing mechanism ensures that the backwash cycle only runs when the system needs it, rather than on a set time interval, used by less advanced iron filter models.
Excalibur's line of iron filters are low-maintenance - because they use dissolved oxygen from the air, there are no chemicals to buy on an ongoing basis, and no problems with backwashing into septic beds. Power consumption isn't an issue either - it costs less than $5.00 per year to operate your Excalibur iron filter.
Do you have a question about water softeners, iron filters , or any other aspect of improving your home's water supply? Contact us at Excalibur Water Systems for any water treatment-related questions. We specialize in solving water treatment problems in residential and commercial applications reliably, economically, and quickly.

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