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Zentec iron filters in Whitehorse from Excalibur Water Systems

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Need an iron filter to treat your water in Whitehorse? Check out Excalibur Water Systems' Zentec line.

Benefits of the Zentec iron filter

Eliminates Stains

High dissolved iron concentrations (beyond than .3 ppm or .3 milligrams/Litre) cause red-brown stains on plumbing fixtures and (at higher concentrations) on laundry. Eliminating iron in water with a Zentec iron filter from Excalibur Water Systems eliminates staining on bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures and clothing. You spend less time cleaning and/or rewashing, freeing it up for other things.

Eliminates Odour

High levels of sulphur in water can cause an objectionable smell ("rotten egg" smell) as the sulphur is present as Hydrogen Sulphide. The oxidation process used by the Zentec iron filter eliminates sulphur in water, eliminating the odours associated with its presence.

Economical Operation

These units are very economical to operate. Beyond the $3/year to operate the computer-controlled backflush system, there are no supplies or additional materials which need to be purchased.

High Capacity

The Zentec premium iron filter is available in models with flow rates up to 20 gallons per minute, enough to handle any private residential requirement. It handles iron concentrations up to 10 ppm (milligrams/litre).


The Zentec premium iron filter comes with a 20-year warranty.

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